2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference

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Preliminary Schedule

Small changes (exact presentation time and room) will occur in this schedule until mid February. Please plan travel so that you are available anytime on your scheduled presentation day.

Sun, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:00 AM                    
4:30 PM 4.0101 Concept for a Distributed, Modular, In-space Robotically Assembled, Hosted RF Communication Payload - Spencer Backus 8.02 Keynote: NASA Exploration Technology Development - Andrew Petro 10.0702 Designing a Fusion of Visible and Infra-red Camera Streams for Remote Tower Operations - Anne Papenfuß 7.0101 MAARS: Machine Learning-Based Analytics for Rover Systems - Masahiro Ono 13.0101 Assessing the Science Benefits of Space Mission Concepts in the Formulation Phase - Marie Ivanco Track 12 Keynote: NASA EGS Program Technology Infusion Strategy - Philip Weber 9.0301 Aerodynamic Effects of an Electromagnetic Wing and It's Application for LEO Transportation. - Sayantan Saha 6.0802 Reduction of Hamiltonian Systems with Involutory Functions - Michael Sparapany 5.0101 Thermally Formed Inflatable Membrane Reflectors for Space Telescopes - Aman Chandra  
4:55 PM 4.0102 An Architecture for Advanced Networking Technology for Integrating Communications in Space - Brian Haberman 8.0202 Benefits of In-Space Manufacturing Technology Development for Human Spaceflight - Matthew Moraguez 10.0710 Headline-based Visualization to Prioritize Space Threats - John Ianni 7.0102 Nebulae: A Proposed Concept of Operation for Deep Space Computing Clouds - Joshua Vander Hook 13.0104 Optimizing Spacecraft Component Selection with Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming - Johannes Norheim 9.0302 Design of Morphing Aircraft for Aeroelastic Performance - Nikhil Nigam 6.0803 Extended Navigation Capabilities for a Future Mars Science Helicopter Concept - Jeff Delaune 5.0102 An Efficient Focal Plane Alignment Methodology with Application to the ASTERIA Space Telescope - Matthew Smith  
5:20 PM 4.0107 Concept of an Enhanced Accuracy Onboard Time Synchronization via Communication Link. - Stanisław Hanasz 8.0203 Booster Obsolescence and Life Extension of SLS Boosters - David Griffin   7.0103 COSMIC: Content-based Onboard Summarization to Monitor Infrequent Change - Gary Doran 13.0106 Development of a Flight-Program-Ready Model-Based Assurance Platform - Arthur Witulski 12.0203 Blackbird: Object-Oriented Planning, Simulation, and Sequencing Framework Used by Multiple Missions - Christopher Lawler 9.0308 Impact of HHO Gas on Engine Performance and Emissions - Tarek Mahmoud 6.0805 Rendezvous Approach Guidance for Uncooperative Tumbling Satellites - Manwei Chan 5.0104 Impact of Remote Sensing Satellites Attitude Parameters on Image Quality - Taher Bazan  
5:50 PM Plenary: The Hidden World Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
John Priscu

8:05 PM Plenary: Does the Globalised Maritime World have a Future?
Andrew Lambert

9:00 PM 4.0105 Space and the Internet of Things - Barbara Braun 8.0204 Advancing towards Human Torpor Capabilities in Support of Future Space Settlements - John Bradford 10.0711 Evaluation of Interaction Techniques for Early Phase Satellite Design in Immersive AR - Anna Bahnmüller 7.0105 LEON4 Based Radiation-Hardened SpaceVPX System Controller - Robert Merl 13.0107 Increasing Knowledge Capture of Space Instrumentation Using Systems Engineering Model Architecture - Bradley Drake 12.0204 Neighbors on the Red Planet: Mars Science Laboratory Relay Planning Post-InSight Arrival - Nancy Vandermey 9.0313 Computational Fluid Dynamics Study for Drag Reduction of an Airborne Surveillance Gimbal - Amani Bin Amro 6.0807 Spacecraft Attitude Determination Using Terrestrial Illumination Matching - Liberty Shockley 5.0105 The Development of the 2.4-meter Class Mirror for Space-based and Ground-based Surveillance - Ifan Payne  
9:25 PM 4.0106 Universal COTS Based SpaceVPX Payload Carrier for LEO Application - Michał Kuklewski 8.0205 Building the Single-Person Spacecraft for Future Weightless Operations - Brand Griffin 10.0707 Kontur-3: Human Machine Interfaces for Telenavigation and Manipulation of Robots from ISS - Cornelia Riecke 7.0201 Building Blocks for the Future: TRL 10 and 11 Commercial Spacecraft Avionics - Leif Kirschenbaum 13.0108 Evolutionary Formulations for Design of Heterogeneous Earth Observing Constellations - Pau Garcia Buzzi 12.0205 Operations Concept for Responding to Urgent Requests for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) - Priyanka Sharma 9.0314 Study on Thermal Shock Simulation of Superalloy Using Fully Coupling Method - Peng Guan 6.0810 Localization–guaranteed Navigation in GPS-denied Environment via multi-UAV Closed-loop Coordination - Shenghao Jiang 5.0201 Development of a High-Altitude Balloon Controlled Ascent System - Michael Fusco  
9:50 PM 4.0103 Feasibility of Weak GPS Real-Time Positioning/Timing at Lunar Distance - Kar Ming Cheung     7.0203 FPGA-Based Back-End Electronics for the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer Mission - Hikmat Nasimi 13.0109 Towards Intelligent Architecting of Aerospace System-of-Systems: Part II - Cesare Guariniello 12.0206 Detecting Juno’s ‘Heartbeat’: Communications Support during Critical Events of the Juno Mission - Dustin Buccino 6.0104 Digital Elevation Model Enhancement Using CNN-Based Despeckled SAR Images - Tarek Mahmoud 4.1301 Safety Assessment Process for UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid - Dylan Hasson 5.0203 Tethered Balloon-Based Experiment of Surface Water Height Using Satellite Signals of Opportunity - Hunter Hall  
Mon, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0201 Utilizing Reinforcement Learning to Autonomously Manage Buffers in a Delay Tolerant Network Node - Elizabeth Harkavy 2.0115 Mars Sample Return Mission Status - Brian Muirhead 2.1301 A Gecko-Like/Electrostatic Gripper for Free-Flying Perching Robots - Koki Tanaka 2.0302 Terrain Relative Navigation for Guided Descent on Titan - Larry Matthies 9.0203 Towards Simulating Semantic Onboard UAV Navigation - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez   13.0902 Factors Encouraging the Creation of Spin-offs from Student Satellite Projects - Triin Teppo 6.0403 UAS-supported Digitalized Search-And-Rescue Using Harmonic Radar Reflection - Jonatan Olofsson 5.0401 Wave Optics Simulations of a Dual Beacon Hartmann Turbulence Sensor - Jack McCrae  
8:55 AM 4.0203 Efficient and Secure Autonomous Communications for Deep Space Missions - Mehmet Adalier 2.0104 Parker Solar Probe: A Mission to Touch the Sun - James Kinnison 2.1302 Spacecraft Electrostatic Potential Sensing Using Fused X-ray and Electron Sensor Data - Kieran Wilson 2.0304 Europa Lander Engine Plume Interactions with the Surface and Vehicle - William Hoey 9.0205 Efficient Terrain following for an MAV with Ultra-Wide Stereo Cameras - Marcus Müller   13.0903 Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool for Designing Sustainable Space Technologies - Amy Landis 6.0404 A Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Coordinated Passive Radar System - Thomas Backes 5.0403 Impact of Measured Turbulence on Laser Beam Propagation - Benjamin Whetten  
9:20 AM 4.0204 A Blockchain-based Reputation System for Small Satellite Relay Networks - Lillian Clark 2.0107 InSight MIssion: Early Surface Operations - Tom Hoffman 2.1303 Development of On-orbit Assembly Demonstrator in 3U CubeSat Form Factor - John Gregory 2.0306 Stochastic Atmosphere Modeling for Risk Adverse Aerocapture Guidance - Jack Ridderhof 9.0207 UAV Formation Flight for In-Air-Capturing Maneuver - Stefan Krause 8.0801 Empirical Analysis of MMRTG Power Production and Decay - Chris Whiting 13.0904 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sparse / Inaccurate Data Situations - Rahul Dixit 6.0301 GOLD: Far-UV Imaging Spectrograph Background at GEO - Katelynn Greer 5.0404 Speckle Mitigation for Improved Optical Tracking Performance - Helena Franklin  
9:45 AM 4.0301 Autonomous Navigation for Crewed Lunar Missions with DBAN - William Jun 2.0103 Preparation and Execution of the InSight Instrument Deployment Phase - Travis Imken 2.1305 Experimental Evaluation of a COTS Time-of-Flight Camera as Rendezvous Sensor for Small Satellites - Markus Wilde 2.0307 Integrated Simulation and State Estimation for Precision Landing on Titan - Aaron Schutte 9.0214 Autonomous UAV Navigation for Active Perception of Targets in Uncertain and Cluttered Environments - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 8.0805 Concept for a Cascaded Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator - Chadwick Barklay 13.0905 Shared Leadership and Just Culture: Tools to Promote SMS Hazard Reporting - Bettina Mrusek 6.0302 The Arcstone Project to Calibrate Lunar Reflectance - Hans Courrier    
10:10 AM 4.0303 Use of Navigation Beacons to Support Lunar Vehicle Operations - Evan Anzalone 2.0108 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Mission, Concept and Development Status - William Deininger 2.1309 Robotic Specialization in Autonomous Robotic Structural Assembly - Greenfield Trinh 2.0309 Assessment of the Robustness of the Mars 2020 Terminal Descent Sensor in the Event of Beam Failure - Samalis Santini De León 9.0217 Uncertainty Velocity Obstacle Avoidance for sUAS Trajectory Planning in a 2D Plane - Jaron Ellingson 8.0804 Official Release of the Radioisotope Power System Dose Estimation Tool (RPS-DET) - Michael Smith 13.0907 Strategic Evolution of the Innovation Lab at the Aerospace Corporation - Rob Sherwood 6.0303 Miniaturized Spectral Imaging Instrumentation for Planetary Exploration - Antti Näsilä    
10:35 AM 4.0304 Quantifying Weather Effects on Ka-Band Communication Links: A Parker Solar Probe Study - Romina Nikoukar 2.0110 NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Mission - Wendy Edelstein 2.1310 Multibody Simulation of REMORA CubeSat Docking to and Pushing a Spent Rocket Booster - Timothy Setterfield 2.0311 A Terminal Descent Radar for Landing & Proximity Operations – Prototype Lab and Field Test Results - Brian Pollard 9.0218 Multi-UAV Target-Finding in Simulated Indoor Environments Using Deep Reinforcement Learning - Ory Walker 8.0807 Improvements to the Nuclear Launch Approval Process and Opportunities for New Missions - Peter McCallum 13.08 Keynote:Emerging Technologies in Changing Environment - Hemali Vyas 6.0201 Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, Ocean Ecosystem (PACE) Mission Integration and Testing - Susanna Petro   PANEL 14.01: COMPETITION ROBOTICS FOR EDUCATION AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT - Dave Lavery
11:00 AM 4.0406 LunaNet: A Flexible and Extensible Lunar Exploration Communication and Navigation Infrastructure - David Israel 2.0111 CapSat-DRAGONS - Joe Burt 2.1311 Coordinated Motion Planning for On-Orbit Satellite Inspection Using a Swarm of Small-Spacecraft - Benjamin Bernhard 2.0308 EDL Simulation Results for the Mars 2020 Landing Site Safety Assessment - David Way 9.0233 Multi-modal Visual-Thermal Saliency-based Object Detection in Visually-degraded Environments - Maria Tsiourva 8.0802 System Integration of Stirling Convertors into a Dynamic Radioisotope Power System - Joseph Vander Veer 13.0801 Balancing Pragmatism and Values in Business Decision Making - Rahul Dixit 6.0202 The Integration and Test of the TROPICS Flight Segment - Andrew Cunningham  
11:25 AM 4.0408 Communications with Curiosity during Solar Conjunction - Jackson Quade 2.0114 Europa Clipper Mission: Onward to Implementation! - Maddalena Jackson 4.1404 Identifying Attack Surfaces in the Evolving Space Industry Using Reference Architectures - Carsten Maple 2.0312 NAV-Landmarks: Deployable 3D Infrastructures to Enable CubeSats Navigation near Asteroids - Marco Di Fraia 9.0236 Smart & Integrated Management System - Smart Cities, Epidemiological Control Tool Using Drones - Rodrigo Rangel 8.0803 Higher Power Design Concepts for NASA's Kilopower Reactor - Marc Gibson 13.0802 New Trends in Technology Transfer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Daniel Broderick 6.0205 Auroral Radio Emissions Simulation and Processing for AERO CubeSat Mission - Kristen Ammons  
11:50 AM 4.0409 Simultaneous Optical Links with the Inter-Satellite Omnidirectional Optical Communicator - Alexa Aguilar 2.0101 The Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation: Earth Venture Spectroscopy Mission - Robert Green 4.1401 Characterizing Radar Network Traffic: A First Step towards Spoofing Attack Detection - Théobald De RIBEROLLES     8.0806 EVOLUTION of SPACE REACTOR QUALIFICATION METHODS and a PATH FORWARD for NEW SPACE REACTORS - Andrew Zillmer 13.0803 Space Startup Accelerator Pilot - Andrew Shapiro 6.0206 50 Years of Spaceflight with Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) from NASA GSFC - Conor Nixon  
1:25 PM PANEL 14.02: TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT FOR SCIENCE-DRIVEN MISSIONS - Patricia Beauchamp           13.08 PANEL: Space Ventures Outlook 2025 - Hemali Vyas      
1:50 PM           When experts collide: Exploring the nuances of team integration using popular drum beats - John Ryskowski    
2:15 PM                
2:40 PM         PANEL 1409 : Mars Helicopter Flight Experiment - J (Bob) Balaram        
3:05 PM                  
4:30 PM 4.0601 A Real-time Doppler Compensating Physical/data Link Layer Protocol for Satellite Communications. - Edwin Peters 10.0801 Aerodrome Taxiway Line Detection and Cross-Track Error Estimation Using Computer Vision Techniques - Aman Batra 7.0502 Survey of Cryogenic Power Electronics for Space Applications - Haider Mhiesan 8.0303 An EDR Subsystem for the AA2 Test Flight of the Orion LAS - Kristina Rojdev 4.1101 Emergency Warning Services via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Signals - Keiko Shimazu 13.0110 Artificial Intelligence Agents to Support Data Mining for Early Stage of Space Systems Design - Cesare Guariniello 12.0210 The JWST Flight Dynamics Operations Concept and Flight Dynamics Ground System - Joshua Levi 6.0501 Distributed MHT and ML-PMHT Approaches to Multi-Sensor Passive Sonar Tracking - Stefano Coraluppi    
4:55 PM 4.0602 Carrier-Phase Aided Pseudo-Noise Range Estimator Operating at RF Frequencies - Victor Vilnrotter 10.0802 Using GANs to Generate Random Surface Materials for High Fidelity Low Altitude Imaging Simulations - Sournav Sekhar Bhattacharya 7.0503 Robust Design of Emirates Mars Mission’s Electrical Power Subsystem - Essa Almehairi 8.0310 Flow Interaction between Adjacent Elements in High Speed Roller Bearing for Rocket Turbine Pump - Wenjun GAO 5.0505 Earth Observation Satellite Learning to Video Compressor Complexity Reduction - Hossein Zarrini 13.0115 Evolution of the Preliminary Fault Management Architecture and Design for the Psyche Mission - Danielle Marsh 12.0211 NISAR’s Unique Challenges and Approach to Developing Robust JPL/ISRO Joint Operations - David Mohr 6.0503 Approximate Track Automata -- Combining the Best of MHT and GBT for High Value Target Tracking - John Grimes    
5:20 PM 4.0603 Miniature Optical Steerable Antenna for Intersatellite Communications Liquid Lens Characterization - Faisal Fogle   7.0504 Evaluation of Point of Load Converters for Space Computational Loads - Thomas Cook 8.0305 Investigation of Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Effects on Launch-Vehicle Ground Wind Loads - Thomas Ivanco 5.0301 CubeSat Array for the Detection of RF Emissions from Exoplanets - Martijn Kok 13.0116 A Margin Management Strategy for Low Thrust Trajectories on the Psyche Project - William Hart 12.0214 Conducting Efficient Remote Science and Planning Operations for Ocean Exploration Using xGDS - David Lees 6.0505 Contextual Clustering for Automated State Estimation by Sensor Networks - Christopher Diggans    
5:50 PM Plenary: The Geostrategic Space Landscape
Joan Johnson-Freese

8:05 PM The Serengeti Rules: The Regulation and Restoration of Biodiversity
Sean Carroll

9:00 PM 4.0604 Introducing SatMF: The Satellite Metadata Format - Zachary Leffke 10.0804 Recurrent Neural Network Based Prediction to Enhance Satellite Telemetry Compression - Tarek Mahmoud 7.0901 Near Field Wireless Power Transfer via Robotic Feedback Control - Carl Greene 8.0306 SLS Block 1B and Block 2 with Kick Stages for Outer Planet Science Missions & Beyond - Terry Haws 5.0302 Vector Vortex Waveplates with Tunable Spectrum and Switchable Topological Charge - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0117 Tradespace Exploration of Space Settlement Architectures Using Long-term Cost and Benefit Metrics - George Lordos 12.0216 The Reference Activity Plan: Collaborative, Agile Planning for NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission - Kaley Pinover 6.0507 Multi-Target Blended Track Fusion in the Presence of Sensor Biases - Darin Dunham    
9:25 PM 4.0702 Development of Cooperative Vision-Based Navigation Techniques Using Neural Networks - Jill Davis 10.0806 Adaptively Lossy Image Compression for Onboard Processing - Justin Goodwill 7.0902 RADSoM - a System on Module Approach for Reusable Spacecraft Processing Elements - Jeffrey Boye 9.0104 Flight Testing of Predictive Energy Management Displays for Light Aircraft - Isaac Silver 5.0303 The HabEx Telescope: Systems Engineering and STOP Modeling - H. Philip Stahl 13.0118 Risk and Performance Assessment of Generic Mission Architectures: Showcasing the Artemis Mission - Clemens Rumpf 12.0218 Operational Techniques for Dealing with Long Eclipses during the MMS Extended Mission - Eric Palmer 6.05 Keynote:Bayesian Graph Signal Processing for Information Fusion and Multiobject Tracking - Florian Meyer    
9:50 PM 4.0703 Autonomous Navigation for Small Body Landing Using Optical and Inter-spacecraft Measurements - He Jia 10.0807 Gate Detection Using Deep Learning - Daniel Zhang 7.0903 Designing Printed Circuit Boards to Drastically Reduce the Occurrence of Tombstoned Components - Donald Schatzel 9.0105 Proposed Part 23 Means of Compliance Based on Flight Testing of Level 2 and Level 3 Aircraft - Brian Kish 5.0304 The HabEx Observatory: A Coronagraph and a Starshade for Exoplanet Science. - Stefan Martin        
Tue, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 7.0601 Cold Survivable Current Sense Multi-Chip Module - Malcolm Lias 2.0526 Safe Interactions and Kinesthetic Feedback in High Performance Earth-To-Moon Teleoperation - Michael Panzirsch 8.0703 Design of an Integrated Solar Thermal System for Micro Satellite Orbit Insertion - Fiona Leverone 2.0201 A Robotically Assembled and Serviced Science Station for Earth Observations - Spencer Backus 8.0508 Artificial Gravity in Mars Orbit for Crew Acclimation - Justin Rowe 3.0102 Experimental Validation of Swarm Array Results Using Mars Cube One (MarCO) Downlink Signals - Victor Vilnrotter 10.0101 Trajectory Reduced-Order Modeling Using Indirect Methods - Michael Sparapany 13.0501 A SysML Profile for MIL-STD-882E (System Safety) - Ross Raymond    
8:55 AM 7.0602 The Roadmap from Concept to Infusion for a Cold Survivable Distributed Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin 2.0501 Shapeshifter: A Multi-Agent, Multi-Modal Robotic Platform for Exploration of Titan - Stephanie Schneider 8.0704 Utilization of Polychromatic Laser System for Satellite Power Beaming - Michael Sanders 2.0202 Numerical Predictions for On-Orbit Ionospheric Aerodynamics Torque Experiment - Christopher Capon 8.0503 Metabolic Modeling in Altered Gravity - Richard Whittle 3.0103 Constructive Precoder Design for Single Beam Multiuser Satellite System with PSK Signals Signals - Yanwu Ding 10.0102 High Speed Modeling for Grid Fins Using a DNN Approach - Mark Carpenter 13.0503 Weaving a Digital Thread into Concept Design - Rob Stevens    
9:20 AM 7.0603 First Iteration Communications Circuit for a Long-Lived In-situ Solar System Explorer (LLISSE) - Jennifer Jordan 2.0524 MMX - Development of a Rover Locomotion System - Hans Juergen Sedlmayr 8.0705 Commercial Solar Electric Propulsion:A Roadmap for Exploration - Peter Lord 2.0203 Trident: The Path to Triton on a Discovery Budget - William Frazier 8.0504 Design of an External Compensatory Breathing Bladder for the BioSuit - Jeremy Stroming 3.0301 Design of a GaN HEMT High Efficiency High Power Frequency Tripler Using a Class-F Technique - Fei Wang 10.0103 Vorticity Approaches for Morphing Wings - Shivaranjani Sathe 13.0504 Applying a Model-Based Approach to Develop a Standardized Template for CubeSat-class Satellites - John Gregory    
9:45 AM 7.0604 Select Electronic Parts Operation at Extreme Low Temperature - Jean Yang Scharlotta 2.0515 Design and Test of an Electromechanical Rover Tether for the Exploration of Vertical Lunar Pits - Patrick McGarey 8.0709 Optimizing Directional Power Deposition of Antenna in RF Excited Helicon Plasma Thrusterer - Md Mahbubur Rahman 2.0208 Using Existing Spacecraft toward Long Baselines in VLBI - Reza Ashtari 8.0506 Soft Exoskeleton Knee Prototype for Advanced Space Suits and Planetary Exploration - Allison Porter 3.0401 Feasibility Study on Inflatable Observational Antennas for CubeSat Applications - Cornelis Vertegaal 10.0104 Numerical Study of Deflagration to Detonation Transition Using Obstacle Combinations in OpenFOAM - Vinayak Bassi 13.0505 Development and Application of the CubeSat System Reference Model - David Kaslow    
10:10 AM 7.0605 A Universal Behavioral Model for COTS ADCs with Predictive Cold Temperature Performance Capability - William Norton 2.0518 Dynamics and Control of a Hopping Robot for Extreme Environment Exploration on the Moon and Mars - Himangshu Kalita 8.0712 Non-nuclear Based Thermoelectric + Battery System Concepts for Space Power Systems - Alexander Morgan 2.0209 Data Mules on Cycler Orbits for High-Latency, Planetary-Scale Data Transfers - Joshua Vander Hook 8.0509 Design of an Augmented Reality Visor Display System for Extravehicular Activity Operations - Leah Davis 3.0501 Miniaturized and Reconfigurable RF Electronics Architecture for SmallSat Applications - Fernando Aguirre 10.0105 Computational Framework for the Study of Infectious Disease Spread through Commercial Air-Travel - Sirish Namilae 13.0506 Rapid SmallSat Mission Formulation: Integrated and Concurrent Modeling in JPL’s Team Xc - Alex Austin    
10:35 AM 7.0606 Cryogenic Temperature Induced Instability of 200MHz CMOS Operational Amplifier - Michael Han 2.0513 Maintenance-optimized Modular Robotic Concepts for Planetary Surface ISRU Excavators - A Howe 8.0713 Self-directed Energy Management System for an Islanded Cube Satellite Nanogrid - Mohammad Yaqoob 2.0211 NASA's Plan for Commercial LEO Development - Douglas Comstock 8.0510 Comfort, Mobility, and Durability Assessment of a Wearable IMU System for EVA Suit Evaluation - Young Young Shen 3.0502 Compact Folded-Shorted Patch Antenna Array with PCB Implementation for Modern Small Satellite - Dimitris Anagnostou 10.0112 CFD Simulation of Darrieus Type Straight Single-bladed VAWT Using OpenFOAM - Asmelash Amaha 13.0507 How Your Concurrent Engineering Team Can Bootstrap Your Organizations Programmatic Capabilities - Jairus Hihn    
11:00 AM 7.0301 Single Event Analysis on SRAM 180nm CMOS Memory with Super Voter Protection Technique - Saulo Finco 2.0521 Autonomous Power Grid Formation for Surface Assets Using Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles - John Naglak   2.0212 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission Concept - Joseph Lazio 8.0511 Multi-modal Stochastic Resonance to Enhance Astronaut Perceptual Performance: Experimental Design - Jamie Voros 3.0503 Inflatable Membrane Antennas for Small Satellites - Aman Chandra 10.0113 Bayesian Modeling of Spacecraft Safe Mode Events - Melissa Hooke 13.0508 Efficient Trade Space Exploration - Alfred Nash    
11:25 AM 7.1002 Evaluation of Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance for ML and CV under Neutron Radiation - Seth Roffe 2.0505 Design and Testing of an Ultra-Light Weight Perching System for Sloped or Vertical Rough Surfaces - Spencer Backus   2.02 Keynote: A Pioneering SIMPLEx SmallSat for Lunar Water and Geology - Bethany Ehlmann 8.0512 ASSESSING the FEASIBILITY of an ARTIFICIAL MARTIAN MAGNETOPAUSE - Scott Carpenter 3.0505 Integrated GaN Power Switches for Pulsed PAs and Switching Power Converter Applications - Aaron Pereira        
12:00 PM Lunch in the Huntley Dining Room
1:50 PM                    
Wed, Mar 11 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM PANEL 14.03: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MARS EXPLORATION - Charles Edwards 8.0101 NASA’s Lunar Exploration Enterprise - Marshall Smith 2.0508 Rover Localization for Tube Pickup: Dataset, Methods and Validation for Mars Sample Return Planning - Tu-Hoa Pham 13.0302 Applying System Readiness Levels to Cost Estimates – a Case Study Part 2 - Patrick Malone 9.0228 UAV Implementation of Distributed Robust Target Location in Unknown Environments - Hannah Mohr 4.0801 A Markovian Queueing Network Model of Multiple Access Communications in Space - Jay Gao 7.0802 High Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope Based on Photonic-Crystal Fiber for Space Application - Kong Linghai 10.0501 Towards an H/W-S/W Interface Description for a Comprehensive Space Systems Simulation Environment - Emanuel Kopp    
8:55 AM 8.0102 NASA’s Human Landing System: The Strategy for the 2024 Mission and Future Sustainability - Greg Chavers 2.0502 Variable Topology “Tree-Like” Continuum Robots for Remote Inspection and Cleaning - Ian Walker 13.0303 Space Chicken: A Historical Look at How the Critical Path Changes over a Mission’s Development - Stephen Shinn 9.0230 Autonomous Search for Underground Mine Rescue Using Aerial Robots - Tung Dang 4.0802 Revenue Management for Communication Satellite Operator – Opportunities and Challenges - Markus Guerster 7.0803 Investigation of Instabilities in Detumbling Algorithms - Jeet Yadav 10.0502 CAESAR Model-Based Approach to Harness Design - David Wagner    
9:20 AM 8.0103 Crewed Lunar Lander Missions Enabled by the NASA Space Launch System - Ben Donahue 2.0528 Analysis of the Robot Subsystem Capability for Boulder Extraction in the Asteroid Redirect Mission - William Gallagher 13.0304 Flexible Design Opportunities in Small-Satellites Launch Infrastructures - Davide Lasi 9.0232 A Self-deployed Multi-Channel Wireless Communications System for Subterranean Robots - Tung Dang 4.0804 A Mathematical Analysis of an Example Delay Tolerant Network Using the Theory of Shaves - Robert Short 7.0808 Learning-based Warm-Starting for Fast Sequential Convex Programming and Trajectory Optimization - Somrita Banerjee 10.0503 Enabling Space Exploration Medical System Development Using a Tool Ecosystem - Jennifer Amador    
9:45 AM PANEL 14.04: ACCESS TO SPACE AND EMERGING MISSION CAPABILITIES - Eleni Sims 8.0104 Capabilities Development: From the International Space Station and the Moon to Mars - Kathleen Boggs 2.0516 Using Elastically Actuated Legged Robots in Rough Terrain: Experiments with DLR Quadruped Bert - Daniel Seidel 13.0306 NASA Cubesat Cost Model - Michael Saing 4.09 Keynote:Multiple-Access Satellite Random Access white Layer Joint Detection - Christian Schlegel , Lukas Grinewirtchus 4.0807 Parker Solar Probe’s 1st Year of Ka-band Operations - Matthew Cox 7.0812 Attitude Stabilization during Retargeting Maneuver of Flexible Spacecraft Subject to Time Delay - Chokri Sendi 10.0505 There’s No ‘I’ in SEAM – an Interim Report on the ‘Spacecraft Early Analysis Model’ - Joe Gregory    
10:10 AM 8.0105 Launch Availability Analysis for Project Artemis - Grant Cates 2.0509 Mobility Mode Evaluation of a Wheel-on-Limb Rover on Glacial Ice Analogous to Europa Terrain - William Reid 13.0307 Deployment Strategies for a Financially Viable Remote Sensing Constellation - Alejandro Trujillo 4.0901 Building Cellular Connectivity on Mars: A Feasibility Study - Stefano Bonafini 5.0601 Initial Orbit Determination Using Simplex Fusion - Patrick Handley 7.0814 Performance Determination of a Multi-Mode Thruster Using GPS and Star Tracker Data - Kyle Craft 10.0506 Addressing Deep Uncertainty in Space System Development through Model-based Adaptive Design - Mark Chodas    
10:35 AM 8.0106 Gateway Lunar Habitat Modules as the Basis for a Modular Mars Transit Habitat - David Smitherman 2.0510 ARIEL: Autonomous Excavation Site Selection for Europa Lander - Masahiro Ono 13.0308 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) 2020 - Marc Hayhurst 4.0902 Virtual Baseband Unit Splitting Exploiting Small Satellite Platforms - Claudio Sacchi 5.0602 LUCID: Accelerating Image Reconstructions of LEO Satellites Using GPUs - Michael Werth 7.0815 Robust Fuzzy Attitude Control of Sampled-Data Spacecraft with Actuator Saturation - Shidong Xu 10.0507 Vision for Cross-Center MBSE Collaboration on the Gateway Program - Jeremiah Crane    
11:00 AM PANEL 14.08: ISS TRANSITION AND THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF LEO - Robyn Gatens 8.0107 Defining the Required Net Habitable Volume for Long-Duration Exploration Missions - Chel Stromgren 2.0529 Analysis of Sample Acquisition Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method - Damiana Catanoso 13.0309 aView, a Browser-based Tool for Analyzing FTE, WYE across NASA Science Missions - Justin McNeill 4.0905 UAV and Satellite Employment for the Internet of Things Use Case - Mario Marchese 5.0604 Automated Interpretability Scoring of Ground-Based Observations of LEO Objects with Deep Learning - Jacob Lucas 7.0816 Intrinsic Desensitized Optimal Control - Hans Seywald 10.0508 Integrating Safety & Mission Assurance into MBSE - Nicholas Waldram    
11:25 AM 8.0109 Design of a Microgravity Airlock with Integrated Inflatable Crew Locks - Douglas Litteken 2.0527 The Dual-Rasp Sampling System for an Enceladus Lander Mission - Paul Backes 13.0310 Development of the Small Satellite Cost Model 2019 (SSCM19) - Eric Mahr 4.0907 Wavelength Division Multiple Access for Deep Space Optical Communications - William Farr 5.0605 SILO: A Machine Learning Dataset of Synthetic Ground-Based Observations of LEO Satellites - Michael Werth 7.0817 An Experimental Approach to Mapping of Magnetic Fields of CubeSat Attitude Actuator Representations - August Williams 10.0509 FACE™ Ecosystem Model-based Tools Designed for the FACE Technical Standard v3.0 & v2.1 - Stephen Simi    
11:50 AM 8.0111 America Back to the Moon and on to Mars: Australian, Japanese and Indian Perspectives - Aaron Pereira 2.0512 Analysis of Soil Deformation and Wheel Traction on Loose Terrain Using PIV - Shoko Ono 13.0311 Cost Estimation of Electronic Parts in NASA Space Missions - Meagan Hahn 11.0202 In-Time UAV Flight-Trajectory Estimation and Tracking Using Bayesian Filters - Portia Banerjee 5.0701 Photonic Integrated Circuit TUned for Reconnaissance and Exploration (PICTURE) - Anthony Yu   10.0510 Demonstrating Assurance of Model-Based Fault Diagnosis Systems on an Operational Mission - Allen Nikora    
1:00 PM           Private Meeting: IEEE AESS Technical Panel        
1:25 PM                  
2:40 PM                
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                  
4:30 PM 9.0405 Predictive Human-Machine Interface for Teleoperation of Air and Space Vehicles over Time Delay - Markus Wilde 7.1101 Application of Fault Containment Principles to Electromagnetic Compatibility - Reinaldo Perez 13.0201 NASA Risk Management Metrics: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Risk Management Process - Gerald Klein 2.0504 Rimmed Wheel Performance on the Mars Science Laboratory Scarecrow Rover - Evan Graser 11.0401 Assessing Structural Health in Extreme Environments with Distributed Sensing - Alex Tongue 6.0901 Sensor Network Target Detection with Unlabeled Observations - Peter Willett 2.12 Keynote - Paul Chodas 10.0511 Bidirectional Text-to-Model Element Requirement Transformation - Marlin Ballard    
4:55 PM 9.0220 Stability and Control of a Quadcopter after the Loss of One Propeller Using Reinforcement Learning - Muzaffar Qureshi 7.1103 An Approach to Magnetic Cleanliness for the Psyche Mission - Maria De Soria Santacruz Pich 13.0202 Unintended Side Effects in Complex Systems: Managing Risks and Fires - Robin Dillon Merrill 2.0506 A ROS-based Simulator for Testing the Enhanced Autonomous Navigation of the Mars 2020 Rover - Olivier Toupet 11.0402 Stochastic Percolation Network Model for Hybrid Nanocomposites - Sirish Namilae 6.0902 Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion with Out of Sync Data - Biao Chen 2.1201 Using Precision Astrometry to Recover Near-Earth Object Candidates - Richard Wainscoat 10.0512 Facilitating the Transition to Model-Based Acquisition - Marlin Ballard    
5:20 PM 9.0222 Drivocopter: A Concept Hybrid Aerial/Ground Vehicle for Long-endurance Mobility - Brett Lopez 7.1104 Shield to Pin Coupling of Lightning-like Transients on Payload Umbilical Cables on a Launch Pad - Dawn Trout Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0503 Driving Curiosity: Mars Rover Mobility Trends during the First Seven Years - Nikunj Patel 11.0403 Direct-write Ultrasonic Sensors for the Application of Aircraft Diagnostics and Health Management - Shuting Chen 6.0903 Spectral Embedding for Memory-efficient Transmission of Multivariate Time Series - Lihan Yao 2.1202 Neutron Energy Effects on Asteroid Deflection - Lansing Horan 10.0513 Adapting Progressive MBSE Development to Document Based Contracts - Richard Ferguson    
5:50 PM Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing
Aydogan Ozcan

8:05 PM How to Deceive Society: An Insect Masterclass
Joe Parker

9:00 PM 9.0224 Urban Air Mobility System Testbed Using CAVE Virtual Reality Environment - Panadda Marayong 7.1105 Electromagnetic Compatibility Considerations for International Space Station Payload Developers - Matthew McCollum 13.0203 Configuration Management of the NASA Power and Propulsion Element MBSE Model(s) - Edith Parrott 2.0511 Deployed Instrument Monocular Localization on the InSight Mars Lander - Philip Bailey 11.0801 Spaceborne SAR Interferometry Exploitation for Longitudinal Ground Deformation Monitoring - Sandeep Gulati 6.0904 Feature Level Sensor Fusion for Passive RF and EO Information Integration - Asadullah Vakil 7.0401 Miniaturized Fiber Optic Gyroscopes with Multiplexing for Micro/Nano-Satellites Application - Jin Jing 10.0515 Object-Process Model-Based Operational Viewpoint Specification for Aerospace Architectures - Yaniv Mordecai    
9:25 PM 9.0226 Assessment of Tracking Small UAS Using IR Based Laser and Monocular-Vision Pose Estimation - Minzhen Du   13.0204 Parker Solar Probe’s Approach to Mission Assurance - Jennifer Fischer 2.0519 Catenary Model of InSight SEIS Tether for Instrument Deployment - Philip Bailey 11.0601 An Evaluation of Safe and Cost-effective Solutions for UAS-enabled Bridge Inspection Practices - Ali Karimoddini 6.0905 Joint-Sparse Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target State Estimation with Weak Signals - Ruixin Niu 7.0402 Interfacing Architecture between Telemetry and On-board Computer for a Nanosatellite - Abhishek Prasad 4.1202 A Smart Hybrid AGC Scheme for Satellite System - Xingyu Xiang    
9:50 PM 9.0227 Lévy Flight Foraging Hypothesis-based Autonomous Large-scale Memoryless Search under Sparse Rewards - Kostas Alexis       11.0603 A General Approach to Assessing the Trustworthiness of System Condition Prognostication - Volodymyr Ulanskyi 6.0906 Joint Sparsity Aided Joint Manifold Learning for Sensor Fusion - Dan Shen 7.0403 On-board and Ground-station Telemetry Architecture Design for a LEO Nano-satellite - NISHANT GUPTA 4.1203 Extreme Software Defined Radio – GHz and Gbps in Real Time - Eugene Grayver    
Thu, Mar 12 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.1002 Opportunistic Arraying - Clayton Okino 8:10 Keynote: TBD 2.1001 Radio-adaptation of Astronauts Due to Adaptive Responses - Lembit Sihver 2.0604 Design and Control of a Mechanical Hopping Mechanism Suited for Exploring Low-gravity Environments - Jekan Thangavelautham 11.07 Keynote: Enabling Human Space Exploration Success through Integrated System Modeling - Jennifer Mindock 10.0201 A Case Study Using CBR Insight to Visualize Source Code Quality - Jeremy Ludwig 9.0202 3-D Adaptive Navigation: Multirobot Formation Control for Seeking and Tracking of a Moving Source - Robert Lee 13.0701 Planned Deployment of the NISAR Engineering Payload Mission Testbed - Oleg Sindiy    
8:55 AM 4.1003 Mitigating Fading in Cislunar Communications: Application to the Human Landing System - Marc Sanchez Net 2.1002 Modeling Radiation Influence on Spacecraft Materials Outgassing - John Anderson 2.0606 Supervised Autonomy for Communication-degraded Subterranean Exploration by a Robot Team - Kyohei Otsu 11.0704 Long Term Monitoring of Respiration and CO2 Using Flexible Printed Sensors - Emil Jovanov 10.0204 Discovering Relationships among Software Artifacts - Job Champagne 9.0239 A Dispersed Autonomy Architecture for Information-Gathering Drone Swarms - Eric Frew 13.0702 Developing and Implementing a Process to Verify and Validate InSight’s Instrument Command Products - Nimisha Mittal    
9:20 AM 4.1005 A Control-Theoretic Approach to Precoding for Multicast Multibeam over Satellite - Khanh Pham 8.1002 MarCO Radio Occultation: How the First Interplanetary Cubesat Can Help Improve Future Missions - Dustin Buccino 2.1003 The RadMap Telescope on the International Space Station - Martin Losekamm 2.0608 Concept for an On-orbit Capture and Orientation Module for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 11.0701 Inventory of Vital Sign Changes as Indicators of Environmental Changes aboard Space Habitats - Wolfgang Fink 10.0205 Scientific Software Engineering: Mining Repositories to Gain Insights into BACARDI - Lynn Von Kurnatowski 9.0240 Effects of Propwash on Horizontal Tail Aerodynamics of Pusher UASs - Aaron McKinnis 13.0705 Integration & Test Challenges of Parker Solar Probe - Rosanna Smith    
9:45 AM 4.1006 Risk-Sensitive Rate Correcting for Dynamic Heterogeneous Networks: Autonomy and Resilience - Khanh Pham 8.1005 An Inter Planetary Network Enabled by Small Spacecraft - Jose Velazco 2.1004 Calculating Ionizing Doses in Geosynchronous Orbit from In-situ Particle Measurements and Models - Yue Chen 2.0614 Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Sample Capture for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 11.0702 CELL Ultracomputing Platform for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health Monitoring Using Wearables - Sandeep Gulati 10.0208 Julia Programming Language Benchmark Using a Flight Simulation - Ray Sells 9.0241 A Review of Current Approaches for UAV Autonomous Mission Planning for Mars Biosignatures Detection - Julian Galvez Serna 13.0704 Security-Informed Verification for Space Systems - Carsten Maple    
10:10 AM 4.1007 Design of Nonlinear Control for Active Queue Management in TCP Satellite Communication Networks - Jing Wang 8.1006 Architecture Trades for Accessing Small Bodies with an Autonomous Small Spacecraft - Sandro Papais 2.1005 Can Adaptive Response and Evolution Make Survival of Extremophile Bacteria Possible on Mars? - Lembit Sihver 2.0616 Robotics System Process and Concept for On-orbit Assembly for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 11.0703 Submitting Formal Proposals to NASA on the “PHM for Astronauts” Project to Run on the ISS. - Alexandre Popov 12.0101 Launching a Spacecraft to the Sun: Development and Execution of the PSP Launch Countdown Procedure - Justin Hahn 9.0242 Dynamic Modeling and Flight Test Validation of an In-House Design UAS Built for Polar Research - Aaron McKinnis 13.0703 GOES-R Series EXIS Remote Monitor and Command - Tyler Redick    
10:35 AM 4.1009 Data-Driven Solutions for Digital Communications - Donna Branchevsky 8.1101 Mars Ascent Vehicle Hybrid Propulsion Configuration - Darius Yaghoubi 2.1006 GPS Constellation Energetic Particle Measurements - Matthew Carver 2.0609 Predicting Biological Cleanliness: An Empirical Bayes Approach for Spacecraft Bioburden Accounting - James Benardini PANEL 11.07: PHM for Human Health and Performance - Alexandre Popov , Jennifer Mindock 12.0102 Parker Solar Probe: Mission Operations Challenges during Commissioning and Beyond - Nickalaus Pinkine 9.0243 Identify, Surround, and Overwhelm Enemy Drones via Cognitive Swarm of Heterogenous UAS - Jeffrey Xu 13.0706 VCC Ceres: Challenges and Lessons Learned in an Undergraduate CubeSat Project - Gustavo Gargioni    
11:00 AM 4.1010 Ensemble Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Time Series Data Using FPGAs - John Porcello 8.1102 Mars Ascent Vehicle Solid Propulsion Configuration - Darius Yaghoubi 2.1007 Cognitive Effects of Long-term Exposure of Human Brain to Alpha Particles - S. M. Javad Mortazavi 2.0610 Expectations for Backward Planetary Protection during a Mars Sample Return Campaign - Lisa Pratt 12.0103 CloudSat – Design of Hip-Hop to Increase Mission Longevity - Heidi Hallowell 9.0245 Leveraging ASTM Standard F3269-17 for Providing Safe Operations of a Highly Autonomous Aircraft - Mark Skoog 13.0708 Magnetic Levitation for Spherical Drag-free Sensor Ground Testing - Abdulrahman Alfauwaz    
11:25 AM 4.1013 Adaptive Sweeping Carrier Acquisition and Tracking for Dynamic Links with High Uplink Doppler - Marc Sanchez Net 8.1104 Guidance and Navigation Challenges for a Martian Ascent Vehicle - Evan Anzalone 2.1008 An Integrated Innovative 3D Radiation Protection Fabric for Advanced Spacesuits - Cody Paige 2.0615 Designing a Methodology to Assess Human Factors Associated with Lunar Teleoperated Assembly Tasks - Arun Kumar 12.0104 MER Opportunity Dust Storm Recovery Operations and Implications for Future Mars Surface Missions - Michael Staab 9.0246 Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Fractal Tetrahedron UAS Assembly - Kevin Garanger 13.0709 Validation on the Europa Clipper Mission in the Formulation Phase - Priyanka Srivastava    
11:50 AM 4.1017 Implementation of Open-Loop Radio Frequency Record Feature on the JHU/APL Frontier Radio - Adam Crifasi     2.0602 Surviving and Operating through the Lunar Night - Andrew Petro 11.0302 Application of a Physics-of-Failure Mentality for Aerospace Health Management Systems - Homer Dewey   13.0714 Testing Early and Often: DART's End-to-end Test Strategy - Evan Smith    
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM       PANEL 11.10: PHM from a Practitioner's Perspective - a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, Issues, and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess , Michael Houck          
2:40 PM                
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM GENERAL INTEREST TALK: NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Program Supporting the Artemis Missions - Philip Weber                
4:30 PM 10.0401 Formal Verification of Astronaut-Rover Teams for Planetary Surface Operations - Matt Webster 2.04 Keynote The DoD Space Test Program: Pathfinders Innovating Future Space Capabilities - Andrew Anderson 2.1104 Efficiently Improved Guidance for Detumbling of Space Debris Using Thruster Plume Impingement - Yu Nakajima 8.0402 RxEVA: Prescribing Human Performance Exploration Limits for Surface Operations - Ryan Kobrick 11.0101 Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Self-Organizing Maps for System Anomaly Detection and Management - Sowmya Ramachandran 2.0611 Pneumatic Sampler for Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission - Kris Zacny 10.0301 An Integrated Blockchain Approach for Provenance of Rotorcraft Maintenance Data - Maria Seale 13.0715 More than Just Numbers on a Screen: The Dynamic Telemetry Displays of Parker Solar Probe I&T - Gregory Duerr    
4:55 PM 10.0402 Are Onboard Errors/Events a Useful Proxy for Software Reliability? - Paul Wood 2.0402 NASA’s Space Launch System: Launch Capability for Lunar Exploration and Transformative Science - Stephen Creech 2.1109 6-DoF Pose Estimation for Axisymmetric Objects Using Deep Learning with Uncertainty - Shintaro Hashimoto 8.0403 Tradespace Exploration of Geometry for a Spacesuit Hip Bearing Assembly - Patrick McKeen